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Boys, warm weather and water shoes...a combination that can't be beat. A good pair of water shoes with great traction could be the difference between a ding and a broken bone. Boys generally play rougher than girls, especially in water, and do not always pay attention to what they are doing or where they are stepping. Water shoes can help them to stay safe while still having fun. Try a pair of Ryka water shoes, Avia water shoes or water socks.

Water shoes for boys need to be sturdy, with thicker soles and toe guards. Preferably they should completely cover the feet. Non-slip soles will give them the traction they need to climb and balance in wet conditions. The soles on water shoes can also preventing them from slipping and falling while running on wet pavement and rocks.

Water shoes for boys need to fit well but still allow the feet to flex. Heavy duty water socks may be a good solution, as well as water shoes that are also hikers. Make sure the soles are shock absorbent and have good arch support so that they are appropriate for other sports and activities your boy might get into over the course of the day.

Plan on replacing water shoes once a season, as they need to fit snugly since they are on bare feet and will get a lot of wear. Do not buy them large so that your boy �grows into them� because if they are big and slide around they will cause blisters. Water shoes are not meant to be worn with socks.

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