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Infant Water Shoes

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Babies that are new to walking are easily prone to slips and falls, especially on wet surfaces. Good water shoes are a great way for them to explore just about anywhere, wet or dry, in comfort and safety. Since they are meant to be worn on bare feet, you won�t get socks that ride down inside the shoes and feet can easily stay dry due to the quick drying action of most water shoes. Try a pair of Ryka water shoes, Avia water shoes or water socks.

The best infants' water shoes are designed like a water sock or high vamped sneaker, so they protect the entire foot. This will also help to keep them from slipping off accidentally. Stretchy neoprene or tightly woven mesh keeps sand and small pebbles out, while still allowing for plenty of flex and foot movement. Closures like drawstring and toggle, hook and loop, or multiple elastic straps keep shoes on all across the foot and allow you to adjust the fit for your child, while still making it easy to take the shoe on and off.

Stickier style soles are important to help in preventing the slipping and sliding of unsure steps. They also protect the bottoms of a baby's sensitive feet. Look for toe and heel guards that protect a baby's toes and heels, since babies and toddlers are more likely to shuffle instead of picking up their feet.

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